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"Thank you for adding so much value to our community!"

- Sven Lepschy, WACO Kitchen



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WACO Kitchen

Battle Creek Airport, MI (USA)

"WACO Kitchen’s entire concept was crafted by Switzerland’s Chef Oliver Nyaguy and his family of culinary experts. Genuine hospitality and internationally acclaimed food & beverage service are their forte, all of which are recognized the moment you step into WACO Kitchen. 

Having worked as holistic medical practitioners for decades, Chef Oliver and his family understand the crucial impact a person’s diet can have on their overall quality of life. With this in mind all protein, produce and dairy products are locally sourced and organic to provide a guilt-free, energetic experience. Taking it one step further, WACO Kitchen operates with a zero food-waste philosophy and even the take-out containers are compostable.

Six main dishes are available year-round, all of which are accompanied by a seasonal variant at all times. This concept ensures the use of fresh, in-season ingredients while offering a unique variety of options each time you visit. WACO Kitchen was designed to combine Mediterranean flavor with the beautifully rich American culinary culture. It is a wonderful fusion of European heritage with a cool and spontaneous American approach to food."

- WACO Kitchen press release

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