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tropische Blume

Your retreat and health programm

in Salento / South Italy

Retreat Program 2023

Detox 1

individually bookable dates by arrangement

Detox 2

individually bookable dates by arrangement

Detox 3 

individually bookable dates by arrangement


Seminar Womens-POWER 2.-9.10.2023

OLIVE HARVEST 06. bis 12.11.2023

be there for the olive harvest


We offer people a retreat from everyday life. Time out and rest in a place of strength in the south of Italy in the middle of the maquis. Far from normality find yourself. Let your natural and personal potential grow. Gain strength and energy for your life.

We accompany people and help you to find your full potential to be rich, happy and healthy. Strengthened and full of energy you will master your everyday life with ease. The new lifestyle. We show and live it with you.
passeggiata a cavallo -618.jpg

Have you ever ridden on the back of a horse into the sunrise? This is just one of the experiences we offer you.
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